Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photos from Mongolia

The Gandan Monastery in the heart of Ulan Bator. Our guide, Bator is on the left and Ed is on the right. Bator means Hero and Ulan means Red, so when the Soviets arrived they changed the old name to something more suitable: Red Hero.

A wood plank bridge we drove over several times. Mostly this picture is to show the different landscapes of Mongolia.

The view from the monastery up in the hills.

Ed inside the horse-wrangler's ger or yert.

Ed and I and the wild dog in front of a totem for travellers. Dozens of these dot the road (this being one of the most famous) and people will stop on their journeys and offer a stone to the pile, then walk around it clockwise three times. This is us post doing that (the dog still has one more lap to go).

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