Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of Those Brief Updates from Another Country

Hello from Beijing.

So, quick little post here. Dad arrived in Beijing late last night and has done a bit of walking about today, as I write this he is on his way to the hotel Ed and I are checked into (Bamboo Garden). We got in about an hour and a half ago after a very pleasant train trip from the UB. But I need to briefly tell y'all about what we did on our last day and will go into greater depth and add photos tomorrow.

First we got picked up by our guide Bator and awesome driver Tok-Tok and they took us out to a ger in the national park. It was the home of a horse/sheep herder that they work with in the summers and he welcomed us in and introduced me to Mongolian tea. Now there are two kinds of tea in Mongolia, one is made with some sort of fermented milk and tastes vaguely like rice; the other is - as far as I can tell - a simple saline solution designed to leave a person working the facial muscles required to NOT grimace in the company of his host. The purpose here is to test the guest and see if he or she is capable of mainting a calm/pleasant look; if the individual passes this test, great, welcome to my abode, if not...well they're a very friendly people so I'm not sure anything would happen.

After this we went out into the mountains and climbed up to a monastery. It was very very cool and the pictures I took cannot possibly do justice to the beauty of the mists rolling across the rocky hills. But...I took them and they'll have to do, so those will go up tomorrow as well. Following this we had lunch and...

Dad just got here.

This will be continued later.

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